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Mr. Azam Khan Swati
Federal Minister

Federal Minister - H.E Mr. Azam Khan Swati

H.E Mr. Azam Khan Swati currently serving as the Federal Minister of Railways was the chief guest at the inauguration of our Pine City Head Office in Islamabad.

He took to appreciation and boosted our effort to initiate Pine City Society in Haripur. He admired the skills of national organization (Sky Limit Builders & Developers), its active role in developmental sector like creation of housing societies, construction of motorways etc. and holding of all the legal approvals required for the relevant projects by government.

Further, he mentioned that in past few years, the government has also shown support by encouraging in the development of housing schemes in under developed areas like Haripur where residents would be provided with a touch of an Urbanized metropolitan style of life.

The government is on the go to promote tourism in the country by promoting the manifesto of the beauty of our northern areas. One such example is of the serene city of Harnoi where Pine city is building “Pine Paradise apartments”.

H.E Mr. Azam has also recognized the “Pine City” project as the pioneer in revolutionizing the art of construction of buildings in the most picturesque areas of the country.

Ch. Faisal Saleem – CEO
Sky Limit Builders & Developers (SMC Pvt) Ltd.

CEO's Message

We at Sky Limit Builders & Developers have earned great trust and respect of our customers. We are a strong and diverse team with a shared purpose of designing a community that best fits today’s modern lifestyle through provision of basic needs and demands of the common man.

2020 was the year that faced unexpected situations because of Covid-19 outbreak all over the world. This outbreak not only tested our strengths and weaknesses but also helped to evaluate ourselves as corporate developers. Carrying out development and construction activities in such adverse conditions was a big challenge but we continued our journey with dedication and devotion.

Our purpose of planning, development, construction and management of real estate development schemes and projects including housing is very simple and to the point of the common man’s understanding. We are the Developing Arm of the Government in pursuing multiple objectives in the realm of housing and development.

About Us

The Pine City Project, Galaxy executive, Liberty apartments, Liberty market- Haripur and Paradise Pine apartments- Harnoi are the dream projects envisioned by Chaudhary Faisal Saleem and Late Brig ®  Zulfiqar Ali Shah Bukhari  which was initiated in 2018. The idea behind this vision was to develop a housing scheme for these new communities to provide its future residents with a peaceful, secure and a commercialized, modern state of the residentia which would be close to natural habitat, beautiful surroundings with the presence of local flora and fauna.

These projects were initiated keeping in mind the demands and basic requirements of the common man in today’s ultra-monopolized style of life and that’s where our experience comes to play by benefitting people through provision of a smart society in the name of “Pine city”. Our customers and their needs is equivalent to the heart of our business & belief.

Why Pinecity?

Sui Gas

Main line already installed


Electricity available


Safe drinking water

Carpeted Roads

30ft, 40ft and 60ft roads


Parks for kids and families


Beautiful and Spectacular Masjids


Commercial zone with all facilities


Economical and modern Flats

Modern Houses

Modern house layouts


24/7 security

Boundary wall

Complete gated community


City with valley and Hills

Our Projects

Pine City – Haripur

Pine City Haripur is a gated community providing modern living style and urban facilities along the scenic Karakoram highway.

Pine Paradise Apartments – Harnoi

A drive of 5km from Abbottabad, Harnoi is a place close to nature and provides a peaceful, calm, and serene environment to live in.

Pine News & Media

Pine News/TV and media group is such a platform providing the latest news and information to our readers viewers and listeners..

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