Ongoing Projects

Our on going projects

Pine City - Haripur


Over the past few decades, our local cities have modified into metropolitans with an increase in population, traffic, pollution, unhygienic living conditions and poor health. These conditions have forced residents to live in small congested households resulting in a highly inefficient and an uncomfortable urban life style. As a fact more people have moved to urban areas from the rural ones at a global level in search of a high standard of living which unfortunately the present built societies are being unable to provide to them.

This has drastically changed the thinking of the common man and now people have opted to live in smaller gated communities and mini smart societies. These people have directed their life styles and have chosen to move to areas where they can find a peaceful, safe and a saturated environment to live with all the basic modern facilities. This is where our Pine City projects come in handy as we provide all facilities mentioned above along with a scenic Karakorum landscape and a surrounding astounded by nature.

Pine Paradise Apartments - Harnoi

Paradise apartments, a place where luxury, location and convenience converge is located 10 km east of Abbottabad on the main Nathia Gali Road surrounded by mountains which host to a pleasant weather, Harnoi, is the hub of tourist activities. A beautiful hill station situated 62km Northeast of Islamabad, lies on the plateau at the southern corner of Rash (Orash) Plain and is the gateway to picturesque Kaghan Valley. It is connected by road with Indus Plain and the Kashmir region and by railhead with Peshawar.

The positive feedback, trust and confidence of our clients in Pine City Haripur (LIBERTY flats Phase I) has encouraged us to take a step forward. The management of Pine City has taken an initiative and acquired a land of 12 kanals at Harnoi, (Galiyat Murree Hills).

This place offers the ideal location for a quality retreat for you and your family. Sky Limit has planned such luxurious apartments combined with personal patios. Harnoi Lake and waterfalls are the main tourist attractions near to Paradise apartments. Its hillside location has been purposely selected to give spectacular wide-ranging views, encouraging atmosphere of high commercial activities and luxury living to our clients.

Pine News & Media Group

Pine News & media group is a platform providing the latest news and information to our readers, viewers and listeners that is gathered and aired/delivered from the most reliable sources. Mr. Shuja Ahmad, our partner and chief editor has an experience of over 20 years in the news and media industry.

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